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Why affirmations work and how to write your own

Positive affirmations are getting a lot of buzz at the moment and here at 108 Meditate we absolutely LOVE it! We know the power of positive words and we believe they truly work. But why do they work?

It all starts with your beliefs. Beliefs (whether positive or negative) come from a thought being repeated over and over until your brain starts to view it as truth. Your beliefs are what create your vibration, so in essence, your beliefs are the signal you are putting into the world that are attracting your life experiences back to you. If you're a little less than thrilled with your current circumstances and would like to attract different life experiences then you need NEW THOUGHTS, and a fantastic way to get new thoughts is through positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are just short phrases stated in present tense of what you'd like to believe about yourself or your circumstances. At first, you might feel silly because it can feel a bit like gaslighting yourself, and honestly, you kind of are (but for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS, am I right? lol). The more often you repeat these affirmations the quicker your brain will start to believe you and once your brain believes you, YOU HAVE NEW BELIEFS, which create a new signal and get ready for some new and improved life experiences. Pretty cool, right?

TIP: Adding these affirmations to a habit that you already have, like your skin care routine for instance, is an easy way to implement them and make sure you're doing them daily (if not multiple times a day)

So how do you know what to say to yourself or what affirmations to use? Well there's a couple options here. You could always jump on Pinterest and search for positive affirmations. Then choose a few that resonate with you and start there. 5-7 affirmations at a time seems to work well. The second option is to write your own and here's 4 easy steps to do that:

1. Think about what it is that you want to affirm, or attract into your life. (self love, money, joy, peace, a relationship) What do you deeply desire?

2. Begin with I or I am, and speak as if what you want is already yours. Speak in the present tense.

EX: I am safe to be my authentic self

3. Keep it positive. Speak about what you want more of, not about what you don't want. did you know that Mother Theresa wouldn't attend any events that were titled "anti", she would only attend if they were "pro" ? so instead of being anti bad experiences, let's be pro positive experiences.

4. Repeat your affirmations at least daily if not multiple times a day. Remember the more you say them, the quicker your vibration will upgrade!

Happy Healing



If you haven't already you can download our affirmations of the heart printable here to get started

Affirmations of the Heartlove notes
Download PDF • 28KB

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