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  • We provide tools for healing!


    With the Manifestation Magic Guided Box, discover tools designed to help you manifest your dreams and invite more magic into your life with intentional gratitude. Embrace the power of gratitude and start manifesting your dreams today.


    What’s inside the box? 




    This is where the magic of 108 lies! The practices and exclusive meditations in this Guided Box are made with YOU in mind. On a 5x7 reference card, we’ve included QR scanning codes that lead you to 3 digital practices and meditations, which use the products included in your box:


    • Vision Board Guided Meditation: Get clarity on your vision, before you start using your vision board.  


    • Guided Meditation: Gratitude and Manifestation: Experience Gratitude & how expressing it in new ways can create more of what you want in your life. 


    • Tutorial: How to use Anchors for Manifestation. Our final practice teaches you what an Anchor is and how to use it for materializing your goals and dreams.



    Vision Board Digital Download


    Materialize your dreams with our beautifully designed Vision Board Printable. Listen to our guided audio to understand why vision boards work and how to create your own!


    Twisted Silver Jewlery


     Adorn yourself with a 108 exclusive hand-minded mica neclace from Twisted Silver jewelry and tap into the mirror energy or this special stone, as well as learn how to use it as a manifestation anchor in the included Manifestation anchor practice. 


    'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne


    Dive into the transformative pages of your new favorite a book and unlock the secrets of manifesting with this 28 day practical guide to manifestating though gratitude, a truly life changing 4 week experinece. 


    Mini Journal and Pen Set


    Express your thoughts, dreams, and gratitude during the 28 day ritual with your new Pocket Journal and nostalgic Multi-Colored Pen Set.


    “You are Magic” sticker


    As a reminder of your power to manifest, we’ve included a mantra sticker. 



    Manifestation Magic Guided Box

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