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  • Tap into the ever flowing feminine energy of patterns, seasons and cycles found around, and within you! 


    This box includes tools, rituals, and education around honoring our divine feminine energy, seeing patterns, understanding cosmic timing, and stepping into the flow of life’s seasons. Deep dive into the sacred practices of of womb healing, divine connection, creating routines and planting seeds with intention by activating your feminine energy. 


    Sacred Cycles box includes:


    Moon phase planting set

    Yoni Steam Goddess Blend with a Womb Healing guided meditation

    Feminine Activation Spray from Wellness Alignment 

    Planting seeds of intention guided Meditation

    Morning Ritual Audio

    Moon Phase Sticker

    Divine Feminine Nature guided meditation

    Curated Feminine Frequency Playlist 

    Moon Phase Manifestation 5X7 Print

    Sacred Cycles Box

    $55.00 Regular Price
    $35.75Sale Price
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