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  • 108s exclusive blend of aromatherapy oils activate and balance the chakra system.

    Our long lasting, naturally scented blends are made with the highest quality, therapeutic grade, organic oils— leaving your skin luxuriously soft.



    Castor Oil -comedogenic rating: 1 —Suits most skin types, wont clog skin pores. Helps treat pain, fights inflammation & combats free radicals. 

    Grape seed Oil -helps with hair regrowth, lightens acne marks, brightens skin tone & prevents wrinkles. 

    Apricot Kernel Oil - a thin, light, non-greasy moisturizer, easily absorbs into skin, allowing the essential oils to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. 


    Third Eye: Brain, vision & cognitive health

    Frankincense- Universal oil known as 'liquid gold', pain relief, relaxation & mood balance. 

    Juniper Berry- A woody, spicy, fresh, calming aroma that helps relieve tension, stress. & nightmares. 

    Patchouli-Supports becoming more present in the physical body, stabilizes obsessive thoughts & helps release shame. 

    Rosemary- Fresh scent, boosts the immune & nervous system. Helps with infections, mental fatigue, hair growth, reduce inflammation & headaches, improves circulation, memory & focus. 

    Sweet Basil- Known to enhance mood, assists cognitive function & promotes memory retention. 

    Clary Sage-Assists with anxiety, insomnia & helps with menstrual issues + estrogen balance.



    Single Chakra Roller

    $10.00 Regular Price
    $7.00Sale Price
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