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  • In an era pushing productivity, we want to offer you tools for tranquility and reframe your philosophy on rest! 

    The goal is not to avoid or eliminate the storms of life, but rather, lean into them and find peace amidst pandemonium.

    108’s Tranquility Box offers tools, products and practices to help you find your center, revitalize and rest. 

    Receive 7 full size products and 3 exclusive guided audios to walk you through the benefits of Meditation + Sleep, Yoga Nidra and Gua Sha. 


    February's Tranquility and Rest box includes:

    • A emerald green king sized satin pillow case
    • 108 Meditate's Sleep Spray, an all natural linen spray
    • Wink Naural's Zen Melts 
    • Wink Natural's Power Serum
    • Jade Gua Sha stone
    • Bedtime Tea
    • Raw Amathyst Crystal
    • Easy to access QR codes for guided Meditations and Tutorials 



    Tranquility and Rest Box

    $55.00 Regular Price
    $35.75Sale Price
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