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  • Our  Guided Box ‘Understanding Aura’s” is centered around aura protection, aura cleansing, and connecting with your energetic field. We believe that nurturing and safeguarding our energetic selves is essential for overall well-being and inner harmony.

    Our carefully curated Guided Box is designed to provide a holistic experience that supports your aura on multiple levels. It includes a selection of high-quality items to aid in aura protection, education, an Aura Cleansing Kit, and a deliciously scented, smokeless smudge spray for extra energetic armor. 

    We've included 3 guided meditation audios that will lead you on a journey to connect with, grow, safeguard and cleanse your aura. 

    Our aim this month is to create an immersive experience that promotes self-awareness, positivity, and energetic balance. 

    Understanding Aura's Box

    $55.00 Regular Price
    $35.75Sale Price
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