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    108s Welcoming Wealth Box

    All about abundance and attracting more into your life! More affluent relationships, more peace, and greater financial abundance ,All while cultivating awareness and gratitude for what you are already blessed with!


    This box includes all the tools needed for fun ritual for calling in more prosperity. Enjoy a guided meditation and gain insight and inspiration with our exclusive interview with Stephen and Kacey Gardner — Stephen is a retirement wealth manager and successful YouTuber, and Kacey is gifted relationship Coach. 108 has also included our Money Magnet Card Deck and Journal. Hundreds have experienced incredible breakthroughs, growth and financial gain after using the prompts and money journaling for 30 days 



    Welcoming Wealth box includes:


    Money Magnet Journaling Audio

    Prosperity bowl guided Ritual

    Exclusive "Money and Your relationship" with Kacey and Stephen Gardner

    Guided Abundance meditation

    Money Magnet Journaling Deck

    Palm Leaf prosperity bowl

    Attracting affluence herbs


    Bay leaf

    Pyrite Crystal

    Beeswax candes

    Bee Charm





    Welcoming Wealth Box

    $55.00 Regular Price
    $35.75Sale Price
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