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  • Discover your spirit animal, learn lessons from nature, and ground into the energy of the earth with our Animal Medicine Guided Box and an 18K Gold plated snake necklace with purchase.


    What's in the Animal Medicine Box?


    An Intro to Animal Medicine” is an experience and invitation to learn from the creatures of the earth and help you gain a deeper connection to yourself and the natural world.

    Immerse yourself in the wisdom of animals with this thoughtfully curated collection and discover the healing power of nature. 


    Butterfly Keychain & Snake Arm Cuff

    Inside this Guided Box you'll find tools to help you symbolically connect to the energy of butterflies and snakes with a small butterfly charm keychain 

    and 14K gold plated snake arm cuff. 


    Spirit Animal Oracle Card Deck

    The beautifully illustrated oracle deck and digital guidebook will be an amazing addition to your spiritual practice and help support you —whatever your beliefs are. 

    Use oracle cards for fun with friends, family or children by starting with a question, asking for divine guidance or setting the intention that the card you choose will contain a message that you need to read today. Shuffle the deck then select one or a few cards that you feel drawn to. The cards are beautifully illustrated and each one represents the unique attributes of the associated animal. Use the digital reference guide to see what your card means. 


    Feather Smudging Kit

    Your box also comes with all the supplies and instructions for feather smudging. You’ll find a dried sage bundle, two turkey feathers, a leather cord, plus jade and tigers eye stones. 

    Smudging is a simple ritual that can be done daily or as often as you’d like, to help clear out negative thoughts, feelings, emotions or energy. 



    On a beautiful 5x7 reference card we’ve included QR scanning codes that lead you to 4 digital practices and rituals, which use the products included in your box:

    -A beautiful Shamanic Journey with the gifted Melanie Cannon, encouraging you to connect with your spirit animals and draw on their strengths in your journey. 

    -A guided meditation on the sacred Japanese practice of Forest Bathing. 

    -A meditation for calling on the earths elements. 

    -A tutorial video for assembling your new smudging feather 


    Whether you're seeking guidance, serenity, or simply a reconnection with the rhythms of life, this will introduce you to the lessons that animals and nature graciously offer.



    Animal Medicine Set

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