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  • Experience more connection and love this month with our Heart Centered Guided Box!

    Inside, you’ll find beautiful practices for loving kindness and products to support them. 


    Practices: Endulge with a Morning Mirror Meditation and Loving Affirmations Practice. Learn more about the high vibrations of roses and rose quartz in a beautiful and educational guided meditation. Finally, enjoy a new variation of 108's most-loved rituals from 2023: 108's Body Blessing Ritual.

    Rose Quartz Stone: Known as the "stone of unconditional love" it promotes compassion, and forgiveness, soothes emotions, and opens the heart.


    Spa Sheet Face Mask: Free of chemical ingredients, these dermatologically tested masks contain 9 kinds of hyaluronic acid and 17 kinds of amino acid. Use your mask to relax & unwind as an act of loving-kindness.


    108s Exclusive Bath Tea: A robust blend of salts, eucalyptus, lavender, rose milk, tea tree, and aloe vera powder. Use our exclusive bath tea soak to calm skin irritation, fight infection and reduce pain and inflammation, while soothing painful joints. 


    Sage Rose Bundle: Burning white sage enhances meditation, cleansing you and your space of negative energy, opening the mind, and clearing away negative thoughts. We chose to add roses, a symbol of love, because they carry the highest frequency one can physically touch.


    Decadent Chocolate Treat from Utah Truffles: A special treat sent with love, made by a Utah-based, gourmet chocolate company. 


    The Heart-Centered Guided Box is a gift of love, helping you create time for nurturing, self-care, and connecting to your heart center!

    Heart Centered Guided Box

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