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  • Let 108 introduce you to the cozy charm of Hygge! This Danish way of life is designed to warm both the heart and home, helping you find joy in the simple pleasures of life. 



    Your Hygge + Happiness Guided Box includes a soothing tea candle, perfect for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity while experiencing the beneficial meditative practice of Trataka.



    To create togetherness and connection, we've included the Hygge Game, a fun and engaging way to enjoy quality time with loved ones while enjoying in the simple pleasures of life.


    Cozy Clip-

    learning to indulge the senses with comfort is hygge. Use this soft clip to put your hair up and relax for a season.


    Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao-

    To complete the experience, enjoy a cup of rich, heart-opening cacao, perfect for sipping while you unwind and enjoying the comfort of your surroundings. 


    108’s Practices are the real gift in our Guided Boxes. This box includes three exclusive audios: 


    Hygge Meditation-

    A detailed introduction to the beautiful way of Simple Danish Living plus a guided meditation to help you embody and experience the art of Hygge.


    Trataka -

    A Fire Gazing Meditation that enhances concentration, calms the mind, and deepens inner awareness. Through this practice, cultivate a state of focused mindfulness by training the mind to remain still and attentive, leading to heightened clarity.


    Cacao Ceremony-

    Enjoy a personal guided meditation while sipping your cacao, connecting you to the origins and energy of the cacao plant’s medicine. 


    This Hygge-inspired Guided Box is the ideal choice for those seeking tranquility and a touch of Danish coziness in their lives.

    Hygge+Happiness Guided Box

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