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  • The incredible PRACTICES included in your Meditation Guided Box:

    • Inner Child Meditation: Meet a younger version of yourself and initiate deep healing in this beautiful meditation, guided by Valerie of SuperBloom Effect. 
    • 3-Minute Meditations: In this audio, you’ll experience 5 different forms of meditations in 3-minute introductory guided practices. Our intention behind sharing a variety of practices is to help you find a meditation style that speaks to you. 
    • Our final practice incorporates your Meditation Oil and Meditation Whistle for a one-of-a-kind gentle guided meditation for stress relief and accessing mindfulness through your breath.


    The PRODUCTS included in your box include a Worry Stone, Meditation Whistle, Meditation Oil- A lovely blend by Simply Rooted (@simpli.rooted), and a set of 4 candles.

    Meditation Guided Box

    $55.00 Regular Price
    $49.50Sale Price
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