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Chakras and the Planets

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Did you know each chakra is associate with a planet? If you're looking for more depth and symbolism to explore with the amazing energy system that lies within you, read more to uncover the connections each chakra has to planets in our solar system. The universe really is inside each of us!

Root Chakra - Mars Mars (active masculine) often referred to as the 'red planet' (root chakra color is also red). Mars reflects humanity's survival instinct, also a primary function of our root chakra. The root chakra is the place where our kundalini (life force) shakti stays dormant, waiting to be liberated. Mars has fearless, physical, and active energy, which matches with root chakra's need for courage and physical grounding.

Sacral Chakra - Venus Venus is a feminine planet representing love, relationships, joy and pleasure. It determines how we think about love, how our relationships feel and how we react to our needs, and needs of other people. Sacral chakra is a perfect match to this planet. Sensuality, sexuality, emotions and pleasure we derive from our relationships (and daily life) are some of the main sacral chakra functions. Cultivating a healthy sacral chakra requires you to awaken your inner Goddess of Love (Venus) and appreciate all pleasures, and the beauty this world.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Sun The Sun (masculine) represents our ego, identity, and personality. Sun is a perfect match to the strong and goal-oriented energy of our yellow, solar plexus chakra. The sun refers to our strength to face the demands and challenges of daily life. The golden glow of the sun is a vital force of life that infuses us with power, vitality, and a determination to pursue our goals. With the help of the solar plexus chakra and fiery energy of the Sun, all our dreams and desires can be externally manifested.

Heart Chakra - Moon The Moon (feminine) represents emotions, passion, beauty and symbolizes the unconditional love of a mother to her child, our unconscious mind and acts as a mediator between the inner world (superconscious mind or higher-self) and outer world (conscious mind or ego). The heart chakra has a similar role in our chakra system, as it acts as a spiritual bridge between 3 lower chakras, and 3 upper chakras. The heart chakra is the spiritual core that allows you to develop a caring relationship with yourself and others by promoting kindness, empathy, and true love. Some of the other charts also associate Venus with the heart chakra. The main difference is that heart chakra's love energy is pure and unconditional, whereas Venus is a planet of pleasure.

Throat Chakra - Mercury Mercury is a planet of communication and self-expression. Sometimes Mercury appears to be going backward in its orbit. This event is known in astrology as "Mercury Retrograde", and it is believed to negatively affect all communication, negotiation, and agreements between people. Balanced throat chakra will allow you to express yourself with clarity, authenticity, and honesty. Throat chakra holds the unique key to unlock the gift of authentic voice and the ability to speak the truth.

Third Eye Chakra - Saturn Our third eye is linked with the energy of Saturn.

Saturn is a dark blue, feminine planet often referred to as the planet of karma. Saturn symbolizes the human being who has learned all his hard lessons from earthly life and is eager to join the mystery planets' world: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which are invisible to the naked eye. Third eye chakra is our main portal to step beyond duality, polarity. The energy of the 6th chakra invites us to transcend limitations and restrictions imposed by the planet Saturn

Crown Chakra - Jupiter In Greek mythology, Jupiter is a planet of expansion associated with Zeus, king of the gods. Crown chakra is also known as the king of all chakras, representing the state of higher consciousness and enlightenment. Jupiter's energy encourages us to find meaning and wisdom in our lives. Crown chakra connects. Both Jupiter and crown chakra are symbols of infinite knowledge. Crown chakra helps you to feel oneness and divine unity with all living beings.

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